IPRoyal hasn’t been in the market for long. But it already offers a wide variety of products for sneakerheads and web scrapers on a budget. They’re priced aggressively enough to cause serious headaches for IPRoyal’s competitors, and for you to consider the company as your provider of choice. $4 for 1 GB of residential proxies and no monthly commitments? Now that’s something.

But low prices always carry compromises. What will IPRoyal’s be? And will its products pack enough punch to justify the provider over PacketStream or even premium competitors like Bright Data? Let’s find out.

There are so many proxy providers in the market that going through the list of providers alone can be tasking, not to talk of making a choice of provider for your task. The IPRoyal proxy service is one of the providers that have graced the proxy market and according to the information on its website – it is one of the best proxy services in the market.

But are they telling us the truth or its just a marketing gimmick like every other provider does? That is the answer we seek before doing research on the proxies and you will find out the truth about their proxies whether they are best for you or not in the sections below. For now, let take a look at an overview of the IPRoyal service.

IPRoyal Proxy Service Overview

The IPRoyal proxy service might not be one of the most popular proxy services in the market but it has got in own place in the market. This provider does not only offer residential proxies; they also offer datacenter proxiessneaker proxies, and even 4G proxies. Our focus is on their residential proxy service which I can categorically tell you that the proxies work.

IPRoyal Proxies Pros

The IPRoyal proxy service has got many clients out of which a good number of them are return customers. This is because of some of the pros otherwise known as strengths the IPRoyal service possesses. Below are some of the pros of IPRoyal residential proxies.

IPs Are Ethically Sourced (IPRoyal Pawns)

If there is one reason that makes this provider unique, it would be the way it sources the IP addresses it uses for routing its client traffic. Saying it is unique does not mean it is the only provider that sources its IP address via ethical methods – there are many other providers that do that.

However, for some of the other providers, while the process is ethical, the owners of the device may not be aware before the term of usage is usually buried deep within the term of usage in the third-party apps the proxy services use to embed their proxy software. For the IPRoyal, they do not do this – if your device I being used as an exit node for the service, you will know and be compensated for it.

IPRoyal has a service known as the IPRoyal Pawns that was set up to source IPs ethically.

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How the service work is simple – they provide you an application to install on your device and you get paid for allowing the application uses your Internet connectivity.

The amount you earn is determined by the amount of bandwidth and duration you left your device open to the network. While you will not be making a lot of money – the amount you will earn could be a little bit useful especially if you have access to free Internet and you are in a third-world country.

Price Affordable for Small Marketers

There is no doubt that pricing is an important fact for marketers when making a choice of a provider to use for your tasks. It is generally believed that residential proxies are expensive when compared to their datacenter counterparts. However, this does not mean they are not affordable and the likes of IPRoyal make this possible.

For IPRoyal, the pricing for their residential proxies is quite affordable and even one of the cheapest you will get from the list of residential proxies that work. The pricing is based on bandwidth. The price per GB is $3 which you will agree with me that it is quite cheap.

IPRoyal Proxy Price

One thing you need to know that is also quite a pro is the fact that they do not have a minimum monetary requirement. You can buy as small as 1GB making it the perfect residential proxy service for small marketers on a tight budget.

However, it is important I stress here that 1GB would get exhausted in no time and as such, you should pay for the amount of bandwidth you are sure will get your task done. If you do not have the money to buy from premium providers with expensive minimum monetary commitment,  then using the residential proxies provided by IPRoyal is the way to go.

Offer Both rotating and Sticky Proxies

The IPRoyal residential proxy service is not different from the other residential proxy services in terms of ownership of the IPs in its pool. They do not own the IPs in their pool and as such, do not have control over the IPs. For this reason, they do not offer true static proxies.

The proxies are rotating proxies that change IP addresses frequently depending on your requirement or when the IP assigned to you goes offline. Generally, according to the guideline, you cannot maintain the same IP for more than 24 hours. In reality, you will be lucky to even have half of that from a single IP.

However, you can get sticky proxies that would maintain the same IP address for a while to facilitate account management which any suspicion.



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