Recently, I am learning about Media buy, and I am in various forums and communities. Everyone who is Media Buy and LEAD recommends using the Popads traffic platform to get started.

Popads are recharge-friendly, starting from $10, and you can quickly verify your ideas. PayPal is supported. go to register

The following is an introduction to the terms of each indicator of Popads, for students who are getting started to learn:

[WEBSITEID] – The ID of the website from which the popup came from,
[CATEGORYID] – Traffic source site category ID,
[CATEGORYNAME] – Category name of the traffic source site,
[ISPID] – the ID of the visitor’s ISP,
[ISPNAME] – the visitor’s ISP name,
[COUNTRY] – The country of the visitor.
[Quality] – The Quality Score of the site where the impression came from. This is a number from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest quality site (all sites), 10 is the highest quality site (top 10% of our publisher sites),
[BID] – The price of the impression.
[screen resolution] – detected the screen resolution of the visitor,
[OSNAME] – the operating system name, e.g. Windows 8.1,
[BROWSERNAME] – browser name, e.g. Firefox 32,
[FORMFACTORNAME] – Form name, such as smartphone or tablet,
[DEVICENAME] – The name of the device the visitor is using to browse the Internet, e.g. Apple iPhone,
[CAMPAIGNID] – the ID of the campaign,
[CAMPAIGNNAME] – event name,
[OSID] – the ID of the operating system (for future use),
[BROWSERID] – the browser’s ID (for future use),
[FORMFACTORID] – ID of the form factor (for future use),
[DEVICEID] – Device ID (for future use),
[IMPRESSIONID] – Unique ID of the impression. This can be used for troubleshooting/debugging procedures in case of traffic mislocation and for transition tracking (S2S).
[ADBLOCK] – Set to 1 when the visitor uses AdBlock, 0 otherwise,
[IP] – the visitor’s IP address (for XML feeds),
[USERAGENT] – the value of the visitor’s User-Agent header (for XML feeds),
[LANG] – The value of the visitor’s Accept-Language header (for XML feeds).


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