Today we recommend 2 websites for part-time work at home earning $1200 per month, you do not need to have any special experience, and the work is very flexible, you can do the work at any time you want to work, and you only need a computer or cell phone on it, and, the work is available in most regions and countries around the world, the official name of the work is: search engine evaluation.

What is search engine evaluation?

For example: when you search for something online, you should go to Google or Baidu search engine, search for what you want to know, but often you search for information in the search engine may not be what you want, there will be some unrelated content, this is because the search engine will have its own artificial intelligence algorithm, it will be based on big data analysis, to automatically push you results.

But after all, it is only a machine, he is not a person, can not deduce the end is right or wrong. This time the need for work arises, to optimize the search engine results, we must continue to let the search engine inside the algorithm to learn.

For example, you apply for the job is from Google, he will give you a list of tables he wants to be searched, you need to be searched according to the list he wants to be searched, to search to see the content in the end and you enjoy the results in the end off or not, or is he out of the top ranking of those content quality is not good enough, you need to aggregate some information, after the search to report the results to Google On it. Wages can give you about $12-15 per hour.

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2 websites to earn $1200 a month from home on a part-time basis


This site will provide you with a variety of content on different topics for you to search in the search engines. For example, if you search for “cats”, he will ask you to check the top search results, are those articles about cats?

The website registration requires you to fill in some information, and it supports many national languages. After registering, it will give you some internal recommendations on what you can work on, and when you finish working, you will be paid $12 to $15 per hour.

If you are a student, or a 9 to 5 worker or even a housewife, it is easy to make money in it as long as you have free time.

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This website allows you to choose Chinese, so if you can’t meet the job requirements on the first website, you can come over and see if there is a job for you. It’s the same as the first site, you can register by filling in some information and your language country, but the rules of the site require that you work 20 hours a week and you will be paid $15 per hour, which means that if you work on the street, you can earn $300 per week, or $1200 per month.

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