The year 2020 has been a scary one, with the global pandemic of the new coronavirus. Many companies have started to put their employees on unpaid leave or even lay them off due to the epidemic, and their seemingly stable jobs have been affected by the epidemic one after another, resulting in many people losing their jobs and losing their income.

When will the epidemic end? No one knows.
And will this be the last epidemic?

It is recommended that everyone can develop a high income skill that can be earned at home, so that they no longer rely on the company’s salary as their main income.

There are many ways to make money online, and this article has compiled a list of 26 ways to make money online, so find the right one for your online business and get started!

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I’ve divided the Internet money-making methods into seven broad categories:

  1. E-Commerce
  2. Business Platform
  3. Investment
  4. Knowledge
  5. Technology, Talent
  6. Games
  7. Other

The following begins to introduce you to the way to make money online in 2022 by category, remember to see the final conclusion!

1, do online shooting, shopping on behalf of

1, do online shooting, shopping on behalf of

Online auction, shopping, can be said to be one of the most ancestral methods of making money online, from the earliest yahoo auction in the past to the current shrimp, Taobao… And so on.

Now is the era of self-media, online shooting is not like the old days when you set up a store and can only wait for customers to come to your door, you can now match the social media platform, interact with customers, cultivate a group of loyal returning customers, and take the initiative to create business.

You can choose to place your online products on major mainstream e-commerce platforms or set up your own customized product website:

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①, e-commerce platform to open a store

There is an advantage of opening a store in e-commerce platform, such as shrimp, Taobao, Amazon Amazon, etc. They have established a trustworthy image, the website is highly reliable, and when people want to buy online, they will go directly to these e-commerce platform to search for keywords, which means that there will be a lot of visitor traffic every day, so as long as your goods are of good quality, affordable, high CP value, competitive, there is a chance to bring good sales, but the profits need to be shared with the platform.

②.Set up your own shopping cart website

Nowadays, setting up an online store is not as difficult as before, you can go through EasyStore, Shopline and other companies have a one-stop service, they will get all the basic structure of the online store, including buying a domain, hosting, etc., the rest you just need to put your goods on the shelves.

The advantage is that you can earn all the profits, will not be the platform draw, but you need to pay them the cost of website maintenance, so I suggest that if you are a very high sales, you can choose to set up their own website, if sales are low, in the e-commerce platform to operate.

2、Sale of second-hand goods

There are usually things at home that you can’t use, and you can also put them on e-commerce platforms to sell, or go to bartering platforms to exchange the goods you want with others.

In addition, there are some goods, such as antiques, sneakers, games, wine … etc., to buy and put away is the room for value-added, but need to have knowledge of the commodity market, and to have a certain investment vision.

Second, operating platform / social media

3、Operating a blog

You should be familiar with the occupation of “blogging”. The current Google algorithm is still mainly text-based, so you can see that the information on the first page of Google is still all blog posts.

What are the main sources of income for bloggers?

Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Business Matching
Google Ad revenue
Sales of personal products (physical or digital)
Affiliate marketing” is something you may not have heard of, but simply put, it is the promotion and sale of a manufacturer’s products in your articles. (Read more: What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing alone can earn millions a year?)

The disadvantage is that if you don’t pay, he will help you put in a bunch of ads that are not there, and the website style can’t be customized, so it’s recommended that you set up your own blog site. It’s easy to set up a blog site, and you don’t have to write a bunch of code like before.

The success stories of “blogs” are numerous. Take the famous Taiwanese financial blogger “Mr. Market” for example, he generously shared on the show that his monthly “passive income” reached 6-7 digits, which is equivalent to nearly a million dollars a month, which is quite impressive.

4、Operate YouTube channel

Youtubers are the same as bloggers in that there is no restriction, anyone can upload videos on Youtube, and the source of income is similar to that of bloggers, but one is expressed in articles and the other in videos.

What are the main sources of income we can build by running Youtube?

Youtube advertising revenue
Youtube members
Video distribution
Affiliate marketing
Sales of personal products (physical or digital)
Nowadays is the era of self-media, even you can see many traditional media artists start to run their own media on the internet, so you can imagine how big the pie is and the future trend of self-media, and everyone can freely upload videos and articles without any threshold restrictions, which is very suitable for those who are just starting their online business.

5、Podcast broadcasts audio programs

Podcast is a free audio platform similar to radio, which is quite popular in foreign countries, and there is an exclusive name for this profession called Podcaster. Therefore, the audience of Podcast for commuters alone is very wide.

Compared to Youtuber, it is much easier to do Podcast, no need to have bright acting ability, no complicated editing skills, just tell the content you want to express in an organized way. Therefore, many advertisers prefer to develop their business in Podcast.

Podcast is mainly operated by personal brand, you can operate with other platforms at the same time, when there is a certain amount of traffic, manufacturers will automatically come to you, and after accumulating a group of fans, you can also promote your own products or services.

6、Email Marketing (Email Marketing)

Email marketing and affiliate marketing go hand in hand, mainly by interacting with your target audience and marketing related products.

It is an old fashioned way of marketing, but in 2021 email marketing is still very effective and there are still many people using this way of marketing.

The most common method is to set up a “subscribe” button on your website, and if the person is interested in your website, they will leave an Email to subscribe, and then you can collect the Email list of your target group.

Most email marketing processes are as follows.

Provide value (important)
Help solve a problem (important)
Gain the trust of your readers
Promote products

7、Operate Instagram

The main common ways Instagram operates.

Personal Branding
Food sharing
Sharing things in various fields (finance, fitness, makeup, painting…) etc.)
The ultimate goal is to accumulate a large number of followers, the higher the number of followers, the more companies will seek you to write endorsement articles, publish the industry with real-life news…etc. And the bargaining chip with you and the manufacturers is your number of followers, the higher your number of followers, the higher the price you can offer.

8、FB group, LINE group (group purchase, shopping)

①.Group buying.
The operation of FB groups, or LINE groups to do group buying, seems to be the last 5 years in the string, you can think of all kinds of various kinds of group buying goods are being done.

The main thing is to call for group purchases in the community group, and then a large number of issues to negotiate cheaper prices with manufacturers, perhaps 10% or 20% or even lower, and then earn the difference in price.

②, the purchase on behalf of.
Buying is mainly some of the goods in Taiwan is not easy to obtain, you buy through the agency to help him buy, charge some agency fees, most of the agency operators will grab 3 to 50% of the profits, quite profitable ah!

The most difficult thing is the “source of goods”, how do you want to get these not easy to get the goods?
The most common practice is to take a direct flight to the local, to do online shopping, but this personnel costs, airfare costs plus a really not cheap, if you want to do shopping, to calculate the cost and profitability of whether it is worthwhile, so as not to do a waste of work.

9、When the webcast master / live master

The common contents of live streaming and live action are divided into 2 categories.

Games: Attracting the audience through powerful operation techniques or interesting game content.
Talent: Commonly dancing, singing and chatting are available.
The main sources of income are Donate, platform ads, industry endorsement, etc. The main sources of income are Donate, platform advertising, industry endorsement, etc.

Common live/live platforms

King Kong
Cat Print Live
17 Live
If you are interested in this area, you can go to see more platforms, understand their work system, and how the bonuses are divided, and then decide which platform is suitable for you.


The age of smart technology has brought convenience to people, but at the same time the distance between people seems to have become indifferent, creating such a “lonely economy”, and this pie should become bigger and bigger in the future.

The main thing is to play games for the fans, and the escort is, as the name implies, to play games with people, which is a new occupation, and most of them are paid by the hour or by the time.

III. Investment

11、Invest in stocks, ETFs

Investing in stocks and ETFs is one of the ways to make money that we all know, but here we are mainly talking about the long-term investment of saving stocks or buying ETFs, without discussing the technical operation of short and medium-term fluctuations. The important thing is your concept of investing in stocks, and how to plan the allocation.

The most important point is to fully understand the commodity you want to invest in, do not know anything, you should not take the risk to invest your hard-earned money, in the end not only did not earn money, and even lost the principal, the loss is not worth it, so before you start investing Establishing good investment concepts and skills is very important.

IV. Knowledge

12、Production of online courses.

Nowadays, online courses are very popular. People who live in the suburbs and rural areas don’t have to take a bus all the way to the city to attend classes, and the courses are not only limited to the number of subjects in Mandarin and English, but also many talents can be compiled into a complete set of courses, and you can go to “Hahow Good School” to see what interesting courses others have developed.

You can plan your knowledge or profession into a systematic course and put it on the online course platform to sell, the platform will do a part of the profit of the draw, you can also set up your own website to sell courses, so you will get all the profit, is also a good passive income source.

13、Selling e-books

The difference is that one is presented in a video and the other is described in text, but both are converting knowledge into a systematic organization.

E-book you do not have to write like traditional books, novels to 200 ~ 300 pages, about 60 ~ 80 pages of content can be, e-books are more inclined to a small strategy, or secrets of the type, after writing e-books, you can put on the e-book platform to do sales, or you set up your own website to do sales.

V. Technology, talent

14、Outsourcing to receive cases

Now there are many outsourcing matchmaking websites, you can go to outsourcing websites and look for cases where you are good at skills and talents, people will outsource small and big things to others, on the one hand they may not be able to do it, on the other hand they need to save time, such as program writing, drawing and graphics, editing videos, setting up websites, art editing…etc.

Outsourcing platforms: Fiverr, Tasker as a service, Pro360, 104 Outsourcing, 1111 Outsourcing


Now is the era of content explosion, just search for a keyword and a bunch of content will come up, but at the same time there is a lack of quality and in-depth content.

Therefore, many content platforms are looking for good writers to become columnists on their platforms, some on a reciprocal basis, some on a fee basis, but usually you need to have good articles and good works for others to have a chance to join their columnists, another kind of platform like Presspaly’s article subscription system, everyone subscribes to your articles for a monthly subscription fee.

If you are interested in this area, you can first set up your own blog or in the free platform, choose a topic that you are interested in, and start practicing writing valuable articles, and at the same time, you can also accumulate a fan base.

16、Professional Writer

Another kind of content creator is to help advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, publishers, etc., or some medical clinics, cosmetics, banks, etc. to write copy.

In addition, some bloggers and self-media operators will also hire another writer to help them update their content regularly and help them operate their platforms.

17、Make a Line map

I think it’s a great way to make money. Taiwanese people especially like to use LINE stickers and have a high willingness to buy them.

If you usually like to draw, this would be a good choice. In addition to stickers, there is also a “dynamic sticker”, similar to a GIF file with sound, so you can be more creative and make interesting stickers.

18、Production app

You can see a wide range of apps on the App Store, and all kinds of needs are developed into apps. The advantage of making apps is that the development cost is very low, and all you need is a computer and your programming expertise.

The apps on the App Store can be divided into two categories.

(1) Paid: You need to pay for downloading

②, free type: no money for downloading, mainly through the placement of advertising, membership points… etc. to earn revenue.

19、Participate in online competitions

There are many competitions in various fields on the Internet, so choose your major to participate in the competition, not only can you learn a lot of practical experience in the competition, if you win a prize, you can also earn money, and at the same time can add some glory to your resume, especially for students who are still studying.

VI. Games

20、Game practice for playing

Surrogate: You can help those who do not have much time to train themselves and other monsters or just joined the newbie surrogate, to surrogate training time or surrogate training how many levels to calculate the price.

Substitute fight: like League of Legends and other games, if you are very good in the game, you can help those climbing ladders or tiles have difficulty in the substitute fight.

21、Rare virtual treasure trading

In the game, the collection of those rare props, equipment or a large amount of game currency, can be used for virtual treasure trading.

In Maple Valley, for example, I believe that eighth graders should not be unfamiliar with this game, which should be a classic example of virtual treasure trading, in which there are many merchants who need to rely on virtual treasure trading to make a living, constantly buying all kinds of rare props and equipment at low prices, and then reselling them at higher prices, earning the difference in the price of game currency between them and rolling in money, or directly reselling virtual treasure in the virtual treasure trading platform.

22、Selling game accounts

You can cultivate high level, high ranking, high equipment game account to take to trade.

Nowadays, there are also many new accounts that are doing first draws, or new accounts that have a lot of gold or basic rare cards or equipment, and many newcomers to the game will have the mentality of wanting to win at the starting point, so this market is a good business opportunity.

Online game trading platforms: Player Auctions, Account Warehouse

VII. Others

23、Buy and sell domain

Domains are just like license plates, special or memorable license plates are wanted by many people, and because of this scarcity and the shortage of supply, usually such special domains and license plates are auctioned to the highest bidder. You need to invest in valuable domains to have a chance for people to buy from you.

Buy and sell domain platform: Godaddy domain bidding platform

24、Task APP

According to the tasks described in the APP to complete tasks, you can get points in the APP, and points can be exchanged for some actual goods, gift certificates, discounts…etc. Here are a few apps that can collect points in your life, so you can earn some small fortune in your normal life.

Environmental protection point collection: Environmental protection point collection is implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency to earn points App, take public transportation can earn points
Invoice King: You can earn points on invoices, and the app will give you points for each scanned invoice.
Hahago: He will record your daily steps like a pedometer, and you will earn points after reaching a certain number of steps
Piggy as a service: watch videos and complete tasks to earn points, this app features the ability to convert points into Line Points, suitable for those who usually like to buy stickers
JAG: Watch videos to earn points App, can be redeemed for McDonald’s, Starbucks, convenience stores … and other coupons and movie tickets

25, point ads to earn money (shrink the URL to earn money)

As the name suggests, “when someone clicks on your ad or watches your ad, the commission will be calculated according to the number of clicks”, and it is very easy to earn money by clicking on ads and the threshold is low.

You can package your original URL into a URL with advertisements through shrinking URLs, but the content of the URL will not be changed, and when someone clicks on your URL and views the advertisement, the commission will be calculated according to the number of clicks on your URL.

Famous “URL” platforms: Boo.Tw,

26、Fill in the questionnaire to earn money

If someone fills out a questionnaire for you, you can earn about $50 ~ $200 depending on the length of the questionnaire.


According to the famous American author “Thomas Curry”, 65% of the millionaires have one thing in common: they have more than three sources of income. According to the famous American author “Thomas Curry”, 65% of millionaires have one thing in common – they have more than 3 sources of income!

The biggest advantage is that you can promote yourself for free and build a personal brand (for example: A Drop of English is a personal brand), and when the brand is established you can develop multiple channels of earning money, in addition to advertising, business matching, and so on. I think both of them are very suitable for starting an online earning project. After your personal brand is established, then you can do other online businesses and get twice the result with half the effort.

No matter it is “active income” or “passive income”, open up more sources of income while you are young, and let’s move towards the ideal life of freedom together.

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